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New Entry for Worst Historical Drama Ever

Although many of us remember Hugh Grant in The Lady and the Highwayman as being pitiful, I believe I've found another entry into terrible, terrible historical drama. It has the following criteria in it's favor:
  • Bad Costuming

  • Bad Acting

  • Horrid Special Effects

  • Bad script

The drama? Tamara, the island.


Set in the 1640's, it starts off with William, a young Englishman who is obsessed with the Orient. He flees a bethrothal to go on board an East India Company ship where he sets out for Tamara, Korea.

My verdict:

I lasted 18 minutes before I had to turn it off. The costuming was abysmal. Normally, Korean costuming is pretty good - somewhat modern looking but pretty and cute. This didn't have that - even on the seens set in Korea. Instead, there is a girl running around in her underwear and the other women aren't wearing proper hanboks. What the women look to be wearing is poorly made, dreary attempts at a hanbok. A hanbok should be a lovely almost spencer looking jacket with a separate skirt and a ton of petticoats. What they look to wear in the show is more the "Irish dress" version - the bodice appears to be sewn to the skirt and they don't appear to wear petticoats - just rolled up pants beneath it. It looks...horrid.

The western clothing is beyond atrocious. Running down the hall in red modern high heels and what can best be described as a puffy carnival clown's outfit, we first see William's Mom. This is supposed to be set in 1640 - during or right before the English Civil War. They are supposed to be in London and, amazingly, London is now right on the coast of England. I have no idea how it moved so far inland in the past 370+ years. /sarcasm
Anyway, the women in England wear their hair loose with hardly any ringlets. They were high heels just like the ones I saw at DSW a few weeks ago and the fabrics are....horrid looking polyester monstrasities that might show up in a beginner sewer's prom dress. Actually, that's an insult to beginning sewers - I have a feeling many would have more taste than what was being used.

The acting is so horrid - both in English and in Korean- that I'm sure if anyone who has never seen a Korean TV show before watched this, it would put them off to all Korean TV. I swear, the vast majority of Korean TV shows are way way better than this. For some brain bleach, should you choose to attempt to watch this abomination, I suggest Moon Embracing the Sun - the costuming and props on that are just droolworthy. The acting is decent to down right amazing, and the script is perfect.

Right now, Tamara the Island is on Netflix. You can easily find it there if you don't see it online.

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