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Selling Post!

I still have a few items up on ebay and will be posting a couple more tomorrow. There are a couple of items I think are out in the shepherd's hut that I need to get rid of before I can make more Pennsic garb. Please, help me make room for Pennsic garb!

I'm also selling a pair of shoes I just got - handmade in Italy. They are 18th century style and they are just too small. I believe they will best fit a size 7 or 7 1/2 as they are mules. If you are this size and would like to try them on to see if they fit you, I'd be happy to bring them to Fort Fred or you can come over this weekend to try them on. $180 or OBO. They are brand new and I only tried them on to see if they fit. Now I know I need to go up a size!





I squeeled when I opened the box and saw these beauties. They are so much more gorgeous in person. Unfortunately, they just don't fit my feet. If you are a 7 or a 7 1/2, these are perfect. If no one claims them by April 24th, I'm going to put them up on ebay as well.
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