isabelladangelo (isabelladangelo) wrote,

D'oh! Ebay, how badly can you really screw up? Wait, don't answer that.

A few days ago, ebay decided it would be brilliant to do away with the decades based categories in the Vintage Clothing section and go with things like Men's Vintage Vests or Women's Vintage Dresses. /Facepalm To say the least, it's made searching for anything vintage near impossible. One of the best known ebay sellers, Carolyn Forbes, is one of the many sellers who has been affected by this change - and none for the better. I personally love what she said here when ebay had a "discussion" about the change.

If you are just as revolted as I am about the idiotic change, there is at least something you can do about it. I've written a rather detailed post over on Extant Gowns about how to get to the "Tell Us What You Think" link to submit your complaint. Please, share the Extant Gowns post with anyone else you think might be affected by this change.

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