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Netflix Original: The O Λ

It's bad. Seriously, it looks good but it's pretty ridiculous.

The one big glaring plot hole that first caught my attention was around episode four or five. To catch everyone up who just want to the spoilers; the main storyline is that there is a girl who comes back after almost 8 years of being missing. She jumps off a bridge and ends up waking up in a hospital. Over the next few months, after being reunited with her family, she tells the story of her captivity to a bunch of misfits in a half finished house.

So, episode 4 or 5; the main character, Prairie, plans to poison her captor with sleeping pills she's crushed and put them in his soup. Not a bad plan. She makes the soup and her captor takes a few bites before realizing she's not eating. She takes one bite to encourage him to eat more and he takes a nice big gulp of tomato. Turns out, he's allergic to tomatoes.

Here's my problem with this as someone who is violently allergic to tomatoes among many other things is two fold: a) an epi pen does not stop the allergic reaction completely - you still need to go to the hospital after self injecting. b) If you are highly allergic to a food and you are keeping everyone else in the house captive and, therefore, are the only person shopping for food in the house, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TOMATOES IN THE HOUSE!!!! What kind of idiot keeps something they are violently allergic to in the house? Besides that, the girl being held prisoner was blind - they don't have braille on the cans. So how the heck did she even know they were tomatoes in the can unless he handed it to her? SO much stupid.

This was not the only plot hole - there were many, many others. Like if the captor keeps killing the captives by drowning and then resurrecting them, why don't their lungs hurt like crazy afterwards? Why doesn't he preform CPR? How do they just "come back"?

The point where it really jumped the shark was at the end. The group of misfits stop a school shooting by...interpretive dance. No, seriously. A mad man comes to shoot up their school during lunch time and the five misfits start doing interpretive dance. Rather than picking off the suddenly easy glee club like targets, the mad man just stands and watches while a lunch guy takes the gunman down.

It's so ridiculously dumb to the point I wasn't sure this was a comedy or meant to be a serious artistic expression of nonsense. So, please, for your own sanity, don't bother with. Stick with the Crown or Stranger Things. Those are much, much better.

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