January 4th, 2009

Princess Leia

Slight hair update

I trimmed my hair, myself, this morning. I cut about three inches off most of my hair, which will mean no one will notice that I actually cut it. It was just getting too jagged and was starting to have that ugly "thin" look at the ends. It looks much better now. I cut off about a foot from where my bangs use to me. The front of my hair was just really really bad looking. It needed to be chopped. So, now, my hair is again a couple of different lengths, just like when I started this century. :-) It feels much better since the ends don't feel "dry" anymore. And, for once in my life, my Mom didn't freak out that her daughter was cutting her own hair. :-D Although she did offer to even it out a bit.

This is about as much as I'm going to do to it until I get back from LA. I don't want to do anything to drastic until I get back. I'm considering purple as a new color but I have to wait on a couple of things at work until I do something like that again....

12th night

The dress is cut out. I should have pictures of it ready for tomorrow. It won't be done (stupid eyelets!) but it will be close enough that you should be able to get an idea.

The underdress is done in the 1490's Italian style with a paneled skirt. It's all black cotton velvet and will have the "guard" and the bottom to match my heraldry.

The over dress is done in the reddish gold silk since everyone seemed to like that a lot more. I need to finish up the wings on the upper sleeves but it should be done soon.

For the under dress sleeves, I'm going to puff and slash 'em and have pearls at the corner of the slashes.