January 5th, 2009

fabric colors

Dress progress

Did I actually get anything done? Not really. I did work on the gold dress a bit but it nothing that is picture worthy yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

Instead, today, I went up towards Laurel, MD to look for purple and black striped fabric for my new dress for the Poe event. Did I find such a fabric? No. Instead, I found out the Joann's up there is going out of business and got 6 yards of buff colored silk and 2 yards of double scalloped edged lace for well under $30. I need to dye the silk and the lace to colors I like. Right now I'm thinking of dying the silk a deep dark turquoise (to match my bonnet) and the lace black. I'll add some pink velvet ribbon trim above the lace to hold it to the skirt of the dress. ( Based loosely on the dress with the lace collar to the left). I might dye it red and still have the black lace but then how many of us will be in red gowns?

So either turquoise or red...not sure yet. I'll figure it out and dye it all up tomorrow in the washing machine while I should be sewing the 12th night gown.