January 6th, 2009

Black horse

Like everyone else...

I'm such a sheep sometimes but I figured creating this http://isabelladangelo.insanejournal.com/ would at least be useful in case everything does go to pot. I doubt it but eh. If I didn't create the extra useless journal than you know everything would get destroyed because that is so Murphy's Law and that stupid Irish lawyer names Murphy has been hanging around me like a post-it note with superglue on the back of it today. Ugh.

Btw, I decided on teal/turquoise for the dress.
Ever After Blue Dress

The under dress


It's mostly done. I need to finish sewing the neckline, add the (stupid) eyelets to the sides and then hem it. All of this should take no more than an hour tomorrow. I also want to finish the sleeves tomorrow and get the basic construction of the gold dress done.

The bodice is basic late 15th c/early 16th c Italian. It's nothing to spectacular. The skirt is simply four panels. What will be slightly different is the sleeves. I'm going to do a faux puff and slash to the lower part using a tube of white fabric. I'm going to punch small hole through the velvet, weave the tube of fabric through the holes to make it look like the chemise is peeking through but without completely destroying the velvet. Hopefully, most of this will be done tomorrow. ...as long as I don't get distracted by dogs, rain, brown-outs, dyes, music, tv....
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