January 8th, 2009


Tales of the Victorian Farm


I'm not sure how many might have heard of Tales from the Green Valley, but it is an amazing series about life on an early 17th c farm in Wales. I have the DVD's and love watching about daily life from that time. It has a lot of great information and was done by archeologists & historians. The people in the DVD all dressed in the manner of the early 17th c and could only use tools, food, and equipment that would have been around during that time.

Tales of the Victorian Farm will do the same thing, but be late 19th c. It looks like it will be really interesting (if you are into late 19th c daily life). It's going to be on BBC2 tonight and on the 10th. Since most of us don't get that, I'm guessing it will be out on DVD soon to watch.
Lady watching the rain


Given the current weather forecast, is anyone considering not going to 12th night? It's currently going to be a mix with a possibility of 2" of snow on Sat. Anyone who has been in DC through a winter before knows exactly what that means: a) they don't have a freakin' clue what will happen and b)black ice. The second is a big concern. My truck can handle pretty much anything (If I can get out of a bunch of parked cars during the middle of a football game in Mississippi by going through a couple of ditches a day after it's rained, I think my truck can handle almost anything!) but I'm not sure about other people's trucks/cars.

I'd hate it if 12th night was cancelled but by the same token, I'd hate it a lot more if someone got into an accident on the way to/from 12th night due to the snow/ice. Any thoughts?
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