January 9th, 2009

Black horse

I hates me some eyelets

Yes, the dress is still not completely done. It will be done tomorrow before I leave to go to 12th night. I will be there by noonish, I hope. I just really really hate eyelets...and I have no idea as to why. Applique on a couple of dozen [insert heraldic symbol here]? Not a problem. Embroider the cape for the dog? Sure! Hand sew the inside of a bunch of different gowns? Lovin' it. Sew just 10 eyelets? I will so run away screaming in pain. The gold dress is so getting lacing rings. I'm doing an Italian dress. They had lacing rings. I refuse to even think of eyelets. Ignore that I just did 12 on the black velvet dress and it somehow took well over two hours.

Cut and sew on a couple of pairs of red satin wings? Ten minutes. Hand stitch the neckline? 8, maybe. But 12 eyelets? Agh! The torture! I must make myself sew so incredibly painfully slowly to drag out the misery known as eyelets for no known reason. It's like chewing broccoli. You hate the taste so much but you keep chewing the horrible little acidic tree for what seems like forever until you finally are able to gulp it down. You don't mean to prolong the misery. It just happens that way.

...I'm going to go sleep now and hopefully not have nightmares about eyelets needing to be sewn....