January 11th, 2009

Ever After Question Look

A few very quick notes on 12th night

Things I've learned:

Try, try, not to give in when someone says "They sound like they are having fun." :-) (I pretty much had a huge grin on my face, tore off a piece of bread and smacked it right at Aularia...and it ricocheted off her and hit Lina too. I got double points! Thank God we where in the back and surrounded by people who would just shake their heads at us.)

Globes cannot be included in heraldry. (Darn it!...oh...but wait...I just thought of something else.....::evil grin::)

Twirling is fun. It's even more fun when you have five or six other people twirling just to see who can make their skirt puff out the most.

My skirt counted as a "tuffet". (Part of our silliness at one point in the night was to pull out my skirt and see how long it would stay because the fabric held it's shape due to the stiffness. And then we all sat down on the floor because umm...well, at that point we were probably way past "hyper" into "punch drunk" and all giggling.)

Coconut Rum, Orange Soda, and cookies are a dangerous combination. Extremely yummy, but dangerous. (After party, not at the school.)

Non-alcoholic wine tastes like sour grapes.

There is no difference between the SCA and High School. At all. :-D

My fandoms can so collide. And will. Darn it!
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