January 12th, 2009

Black Cauldren

Will post about the 12th night dress later, promise

My horoscope today:
It's one thing to be sure of yourself, but your overconfidence can turn against you today if you make a big deal about being right. You might actually be more interested in dramatically proving someone else wrong now, but you don't need to take another person down just so you can come out on top. Ultimately, it's not about who wins; it's about having enough self-esteem that it doesn't really matter.

It's the last part that is important. Winning is of no use if you win only by trampling everyone in your path. It really doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, as long as you know you are on your own correct path. Of course, no two people can walk along the same path but I won't get into the long implications of that discussion. :-)

Better than brain bleach!


It's the amazing eye remover! No, really. It's what it says!

I'm working all weekend and into Wednesday in 12 hours shifts. The very good thing about this is that I'm getting a kickin' amount of OT plus night shift differential. The other really good thing is all I have to do is type stuff in. This I can so do. The bad thing? I know I will be bored out of my mind. So, feel free to email me at odd hours this weekend. I'll need it. :-)

In more silliness, I know this is just "forgetting" a word or two but I'd still like to see a "photo" from 1750 myself. BTW, the photos are really fascinating. I did a search for dress and just drooled over the turn of the 20th c drawings and photos. Really great stuff.