January 15th, 2009

gem, goth

Another not sewing post from work

I have found a way to listen to music on the computer at work (that did not involve anything unethical or illegal). I am so happy. Y'all have no idea. Stupid webwasher thinks it can stump me ::much grumbling::

Anyway, I found out I *might* not make it to the Poe event on Saturday. I'm waiting until the 25th to find out more info, but, if not, I do hope everyone will have fun! I will try and see if I can go on Sunday instead. It's a really long story involving planes, trains, and automobiles.

LA is only days away! I'm really excited. Turns out that Dad can't go now which is okay. I'm sure I'd bore him to death anyway. After all, I'm more excited about going to a museum than going to see some silly gold stars stuck into a sidewalk. ;-) I'll still go bug my cousins and have fun with them. It should be interesting.