January 21st, 2009


Back to earth

The Inauguration was highly amusing. I rather loved the craziness of it and getting to play behind the scenes so to speak. And now...I back to my "regular" work. This is rather anti-climatic really.... At least I ummm...borrowed? a lovely little seat card from the Inauguration to prove I was there. :-)

Driving to the metro last night I realized my car was a bit "jumpy". When I took one of the corners, the truck really felt like I was going over railroad tracks. I decided just to get into the parking lot (two blocks away by that point) since I knew I had a flat. The tire? Shredded. I mean there really is barely anything left. Since I didn't feel like standing outside at 3 am (we got off early last night) at the Greenbelt parking lot by myself waiting for AAA, I just crashed at my parents (they live right outside the city so super easy to get to). I'm going to have to go over to the station later today with either a jack or call AAA to change the tire.

Ginsie was excited to see me. Given my odd hours for the past few days, she stayed at "camp Grandma and Grandpa"'s. ;-) The poor thing had a minor seizure on Friday night. She acted up on Saturday but we all think it's just because of the seizure. She's been fine the past couple of days according to Mom. The poor pup will be staying with Mom and Dad again next week. Then, after that, I get to do swing shift for the next month.