January 27th, 2009

freedom to play

No zoo.

Debbie didn't think Aunt Jenny could make it around the zoo so we went to one of the old Spanish Missions instead. San Juan Capistrano was founded in 1763 (I think) and really is a cool place. We walked around the grounds, took a ton of pictures, and then went to a restaurant where I had an allergy attack. (Idiots just picked the CHOPPED tomatoes out of the Caesar salad. Who the heck puts tomatoes in a Caesar salad to begin with? Isn't it just supposed to be the dressing conveyor known as lettuce and maybe some croutons? I like mine with grilled chicken too but really... I had my meds with me and I was okay after 5 minutes. After an hour I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep...)

We went into a couple of antique stores and this really wild new age store downtown. I ended up with candles (yea! Black candles so I can have heraldic feast gear!!!) and a new white cotton skirt that has silver trim. It's really pretty.


The above should take you to my pictures. Feel free to ask questions about any of them or comment. I took a lot of floral pictures because I have a thing for flowers. :-) I even got a picture of me in there and a picture of Debbie and Aunt Jenny.

Today we are supposed to go to Sony (Don't worry, I've cleared out the memory of my camera and will take a ton of pictures) and then to It's a Wrap and possibly Studio Wardrobe. Yes, today is a costuming day. I can't believe Debbie actually wants to put up with me being surrounded by pretty costumes. It's like taking a caffeine addict into Starbucks....