January 28th, 2009


And remember, the whales go south during the winter

:-) That is so the quote of the day. My Aunt Jenny asked Debbie to remind me of that little fact over the phone. No, we have no idea why. Debbie had been talking about possibly going to the Getty. Aunt Jenny said she loved the Getty, that she saw my doppelganger today, and that I should know the whales go south during the winter. ::shurgs::

Today was a lot of fun. Well, except for that one part where poor Debbie lost her hearing aid and we had to retrace our steps all over Culver City to find it. We didn't find it. She hadn't put it in that morning because she was talking on the phone. Yeah...ummm..you see where I get the nonsense/distraction gene from? It's totally my mom's side of the family. If Debbie or Mom sees this, I will so be in trouble...

We went to Sony and saw costumes from the Other Boleyn Girl (it made me cringe even more up close. The blue was really really bad. Debbie just kept saying "Even I can tell it's horribly made and it looks like it's falling apart. I can't imagine what it looks like to you!"), Memoirs of a Geisha, Steel Magnolias, a League of their Own, and Spiderman 3. I have always loved the baseball uniforms from a League of their Own so I was really happy to see that. Oh! And a couple of gowns from Marie Antoinette. Yes, I took lotsa pictures.

At It's a Wrap, they had some of the costumes from Van Helsing in their loft. I took some pictures of those as well. I also bought the sweetest green dress that looks vaguely like it might be from Sleepy Hallow or Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm really not sure. It's the green dress at the end and it's for a child. I got it for $30 and, really, I just want to study it because it's really well made (and just to have a movie costume).

Went to the Chinese Theater and saw the stars in the sidewalk. It was pretty cool to be right there (and snap photos like every other tourist that has ever been there. I really hate looking like a tourist no matter where I am...).


I added the new photos to the California set. I'm going to FIDM tomorrow to drool over more gowns and outfits. As always, feel free to ask questions or comment on anything. :-)