January 29th, 2009


Nothing says "compact" like a Mini Van

So, today was FIDM and Fabric...oh, and shopping at the Grove again. I got a couple of cute necklaces there and almost lost my ticket for parking. I would have had to pay $22 but I found it and only paid $3 for parking which is far more reasonable. I need to fill up the PT Cruiser with gas in the morning. I drove through Beverly Hills and actually saw the Beverly Hills sign like at that the beginning of the Beverly Hillbillies. I always thought they had that only for the show but it turns out no. Ya know, Beverly Hills looks an awful lot like Chevy Chase, MD....to the point I noticed some the streets were similar in name. Heck, when I drove down Sunset Blvd, I thought I ended up in Friendship Heights!

Oh...wait...you want to read about FIDM and Fabric? :-) Yes, I went to FIDM. It was kinda funny how many people thought I was a student there. I guess I really don't look my age at all... Debbie braved going to see "OMG! Costumes! Drool!" with me. Actually, she ended up distracting the security guard while I took pictures. (She didn't mean to. They just ended up talking while watching me sketch every detail I could of various costumes.) They came out blurry for the most part but oh well. I did take a lot of sketches and found out that one of the trims used for the gold Duchess gown stomacher is a trim I actually used in my fairy gown. I've got to find the seller on ebay who sold it to me and see if she has anymore.

The security guard thought I was an artist or something. Debbie told him what I really do and he was apparently shocked and refused to believe it. I missed the entire exchange but it sounded really funny in the retelling.

After FIDM, we were off to the fabrics. Fabrics....drool. it kinda looked like G street and Joanns exploded over a mile radius. Honestly, there were a lot of fabrics but a lot of it was stuff I could easily get at home. I didn't find any of the "costume specific" fabrics I wanted to get. I did get a few pieces though. I took a picture of them and it's going to be the last picture in the set. I got a pretty pinched and pearl'd pink silk that will look stunning as sleeves and a forepart with my grey velvet I have at home. I want to try out the Elizabethan pattern by Simplicity just to see how it really fits.

I also got a lacy sweater fabric with sequins to make a new shrug. They had it in green too but I really liked the white. The only other fabric I got was a pale yellow chiffon silk for a new veil. Really, not much considering Debbie let me go into every single store there was. :-)

To end the day, I drove up to the Grove, again, and went shopping. It's really a pretty place but it's a lot like Tysons Galleria....big, pretty, and expensive. I ended up only getting a couple of necklaces from Forever 21 that I liked and came back to the hotel.

For the pictures:


Same as before, just scroll down.
Black horse


Yes, yes, all my west coast friends can laugh all they like right now. It was nothing. But I did feel a very few seconds earthquake and here's the proof:


By the time most of you see it, it will be a big blue square out in the ocean rather than a big red one. So now I've been through Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes! :-D Yeah, yeah, I hear y'all laughing. :-p