January 30th, 2009

freedom to play

Whistling in the Dark...


Same set as before, but with more pictures tacked on at the end! I went shopping! I went to a concert! I got shoes! Okay, so y'all, I have been looking for vintage 30's-50's looking shoes WITHOUT a heel forever. I don't do well in high heels. I have to think about walking...and that's not good. If I forget about thinking about walking, I ended up with twisted ankles and falling down. I don't wear anything more than a kitten heel unless it is wedge form. Even in wedge form, I better not be more than an inch and a half off the ground. So, I needed flats.

I found the most perfect shoes ever at Sketchers near the Chinese Theater. I got them in both the grey/black and the burgundy because they fit, were super cute, what I had been looking for, and it was buy one get one half off. Since they were on sale to begin with for $20...I really couldn't argue with such logic, now could I?

Then Debbie saw this Vintage Clothing store...we stopped. She's about as bad about vintage clothing as I am. :-) They had just gotten in a shipment of deadstock from Hot Topic...all shoes. I am now the proud owner of a pair of cherry covered slip ons for $5...and a black cardigan sweater because I just needed another one.

Around 6, I left Debbie's and went to the Hard Rock Cafe. I simply NEED my Teddy Bear. I can't go to a city with a Hard Rock Cafe and not get my bear! I stayed around the citywalk at Universal Studios for a really good concert. The concert was put on by a bunch of kids from the surrounding schools who did cover songs of Jon Bon Jovi. I took a couple of short videos of this one girl who sang a bunch of the songs. They are up in the California set on Flickr if anyone wants to watch them.

So now, I'm back at my hotel. Oh, I probably should mention that the plan of the day was to go to the Getty. Debbie and her daughter Shannon thought I'd like the History of Hollywood Museum better. I was game and Debbie and I went there instead...only to discover it wasn't opened. It said it should be open and we asked the waitress next door (we had lunch at this little dinner next to it. The dinner had it's own entrance to the museum) and she said no one knew why it wasn't opened today. So we ended up just walking around near the Chinese Theater since we weren't far from there to begin with. Hence the shoes...oh, and the Twilight necklaces. I needed both Alice's and Rosalie's!
moonrise island rain

Vintage and Antique


Again, tacked on to the end. I tried to get a picture of this one sketch at LACMA that would be an AWESOME Spike. The picture came out blurry but it's good enough that I can redraw it and post it later.

The tar pits were...a disappointment. It was a lake with woolly mammoths and that was it. The one tar pit that was enclosed off to the side (aka, actually had tar and not water) looked like a compost pile due to all the junk that people had thrown in. There were candy wrappers, bottles, and an orange. Okay, so I threw a penny into the lake...errr...tar pit figuring it might bring me good luck.

LACMA was kind of funny. My cousins and I were commenting on everything...from the ancient Greek doughboy's fashion sense to the wanna be jungle gym sculpture at the bottom of one building. Debbie thought one of the Picasso paintings (From his blue period) had a woman with a bunny for her breast. We all thought the sculptures in that gallery looked like they had been pulled out of a fire and were put on display anyway. Ummm...yeah, modern art? So not our thing.

We then went back to the vintage clothing shop. I tried on one dress but it didn't fit right. It was too bad because it was a really cute 1970's short prairie style dress with tiers. I ended up with a new bracelet for $1. Shannon got a cute little knitted table runner

We went to a little bar that Katie (one of Debbie's daughters) use to waitress at. It was a tiny little thing but right on the beach. I took some pictures of the sunset from there.

Tomorrow, adventures with Aunt Jenny!