January 31st, 2009

gem, goth

Random Picture Update tomorrow!

I hope everyone that is going to the Poe event today has a ton of fun. Please post pictures!!!!

I'm being "evicted" from the timeshare in about a half hour. I somehow, magically, managed to get everything into my suitcase. It kinda looks like I have a person all scrunched up in my purple LL Bean "body bag" but it's really just clothing and shoes. Honest! :-)

I'll be back home soon enough and get to play with my beloved puppy, hug Mom & Dad, torture my siblings, and go back to the normal in and outs of the day...in the frozen east....maybe I can extend my stay? It's 70 something here....and I gotta get some use out of my cheap sunglasses...
cold dead & sparkling

isabella and fun with the TSA

I think the subject almost covers it. The stole my water bottle and my Mango iced tea! It use to be you could just take a sip and prove you didn't die from injesting the stuff and you were cool. But no. It was either go outside and re-enter security or have them confiscate my ice tea. Grumble. Also the security agent misplaced my brand new hand lotion into my bag. Now, admittedly, that was kinda funny. My poor bookbag was x-rayed three more times for the other agents to try and find it. It was confirmed to be somewhere in the bookbag. The agent who took it out swore she (?) put it on top in the first compartment. I took everything out and found my hand lotion, thankfully. Hey, it brand new Vicky's secret Juicy Berry hand lotion! It's not like it's cheap...
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