February 3rd, 2009

blue waterhouse

The Secret Life of Nuns

My Mom works at a Catholic school as a receptionist. She loves to bring home all sorts of funny stories about what goes on there. This weekend, Sister Madonna started a betting pool on the Super Bowl. Yeap, a nun was playing the part of a bookie. What really amused me is that Sister Ritamary won the bet. Now, granted, I think the "prize" was maybe $30 but still, nuns? betting? What is this world coming too?!? :-)

The most amusing story out of the school lately is from my Dad. You see, one of the nuns (I don't think it was Sister Rachel but I can't remember who it was...), needed to install more RAM into her computer. My Dad went over and helped her out. Why did she need more RAM? Because World of Warcraft wasn't working properly. Remember that next time you are playing....you just might be challenging (or being challenged!) by a nun.
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