February 22nd, 2009

fabric colors

Sewing Update

Sorry, no pictures but I did finish a cute dress top that I wore today. It's black with a cherry print and looks really cute on. I did work on a couple of other projects and hope I can finish either tomorrow or Tuesday. I will have pictures by the end of the week.

Yankee Candle has a few new scents out and re-issued one of my favorites. Blue Hydrangea is one of the "new" ones but it smells exactly like the fairy garden one I loved that they had out maybe 6 or 7 years ago? It's really strong but I love it. The one they re-issued is patchouli. I love, adore this scent. It was also known as "witch's brew". I'm not sure how long it will be back out so anyone else that loves it should go to the mall and buy it up. :-)

Pre-ordered Twilight. Apparently, Hot Topic is having a midnight party for it. I might be just enough of a 13 year old girl to go.... ;-)