February 24th, 2009



I'm working until 9 tonight, maybe midnight. It depends on whether or not they want me to stay through the speech or not. It was a last minute thing.

Ginsie, being pure evil for the past couple of days, got out of the door as I was leaving and kept running. It took a half hour to find her. I swear, I prayed for help from both Saint Anthony and Saint Francis (saint of lost things and saint of animals, respectively) and I really think they helped. I had to go through the woods (wearing my work clothing aka a skirt and Mary Janes) and saw her run towards the houses up the street in the distance. I found out I'm really good at hurdles (jumping over fallen trees) while trying to avoid underbrush. I'm sure it looked amusing. I did catch her and she KNOWS she's in big trouble. I wonder what she'll think when I don't come home to really late tonight....

Hopefully, I'll get some sewing done tonight, after work, and finish up everything tomorrow.
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