February 27th, 2009


I haz a bodice!!!

Yes, yes, the dress for Saturday is actually almost done! I <3 the color of it so much and it should look fab with my green shawl. It's going to be rather plain looking but I don't mind. I had a bit of a problem with it this week evolving me believing I had lost a piece to the skirt. It wasn't until I went to re-cut the pattern out that I realized I had the pattern marked wrong and I did have all the pieces. (I had cut this pattern out in oh August? Sept? Somewhere around there. It's been lying on my floor ever since.) So, now I have a rose pink Regency well, mostly made. Pictures tomorrow! ....ya know...the Cullen choker goes rather nice with it....:-p

Fellow BSG fans...

I have a theory. My current working theory is that our dearly beloved Starbuck is Daniel (Number 7's) daughter. Remember, Helen said that Daniel was an "artist" and who can forget Starbuck's paintings? I think Starbuck is a hybrid. Discuss?