February 28th, 2009

fabric colors





Happiness is wearing a period dress and getting two cannoli in the same day.

The exhibit was WONDERFUL! I loved being able to see the back of some of the gowns and outfits to really get an idea of how they were made. Great stuff. I need to make the purple sari dress because it just looked awesome. There really is no other reason.

Of the non-costuming stuff, I really want the camp bed too. Can you imagine sleeping in your own canopy bed that folds up while at Pennsic? Now that would be a nice bed to have...

I posted a couple of pictures up on flickr that Mom took of me wearing the dress. (I went to Mom & Dad's after the tea). http://www.flickr.com/photos/jubileel/3317431118/ I'm slightly hunched over but hopefully I don't look like I'm going to commit mass murder anymore. :-)

It was so great to see everyone again! Fort Frederick next?