March 2nd, 2009

Winter Castle


We have snow. :-)

The trucks have had to pass by five times in the past hour. :-)

I think I'm sick...*cough, cough* and need to leave the all important "Tracy, I'm in the middle of a snowball fight really sick today. I'll see you all tomorrow!" message for work. :-)

I love snow.

...yeah, ignore that it's 4:30 in the morning here. Those darn trucks are LOUD! Not that I mind really because ~snow snow snow snow snow~
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Winter Castle

I know, I'm weird.

I came into work. I am the only one from my unit here. I drove 4 wheel drive the entire way here. I don't think I did any higher than 45 mph on the beltway...on VA side, I would not suggest higher than 30 mph. If you don't have 4 wheel drive, don't go out. Honest. They gave up on plowing the roads in some places because of the snow drifts. I really wanted to beat the idiot in the PT Cruiser who was doing 60mph and ended up in an accident almost right in front of me two miles later. Everyone was fine, just a bent up bumper. The toyota corolla going 30 mph? That is a GOOD idea for once. It's really not safe out in case the whole "the police have given up on responding to accident calls" thing didn't get you.

Also, I'd just suggest going about half or 40% of your normal speed on most of the roads, plowed or not.

The only thing marking the lanes on the beltway in places is the snow. The fast lane and the snow lane on the VA side haven't been plowed. The middle lanes, I think, are only passable because so many others have gone down them. It's cold. This will all re-freeze tonight so I'm doubting anything will be open tomorrow either.

Now, as for me, french braids, snow boots, and jeans. I am so giddy I think I've returned to the 5th grade. I just want to throw a snow ball at one of my bosses. ....Maybe I should go see if any of them bothered to come in....
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