March 3rd, 2009



I must finish up the pink dress tonight. I'm working on a 1580's Italian peasant outfit that I really just want to get done and move to the next project now. The outfit is all linen and should be rather pretty (and colorful!) when I bother to finish it. The snow yesterday (and writing. I did a lot of writing) got me distracted....again.

So, after this project, I'd like to make a quick Saint Paddy's day dress for the 14th (Shamrock Fest!). ...and then I think I'll work on my stays. ...and then maybe the grey dress.

Almost none of the projects are that hard or time consuming, I just need to sit down and actually sew. For now, this is what I want to accomplish this month. If I actually get all that done, I'll work on the black wool jacket and the red silk dress.

Next Month, this and the 17th c dress.
Gothic Catacombs

That's it.

No more "sugar free" stuff for me, ever. I tried the GS chocolate chip cookies and ended up with a massive headache. I'm now just dead tired.

It's a minor reaction to the sugar subs they used in the cookies. I checked the label and it didn't have aspartame in it; it was another sugar sub I recognized. I'm pretty sure regular ole sugar is probably healthier in the long run than man-made chemicals but I wanted to see what the cookie tasted like. :-) It was good but so not worth the headache.

So much for sewing tonight.