March 5th, 2009

fabric colors


Fabric is cut. I'll probably finish sewing up the bodice tonight. I need to get some brown cord or trim in the morning. I'll stop by Joanns.

Someone sprayed some sort of cologne/perfume in the office today. My face started to break out in hives and I had to go home. I must have sounded bad because one of my co-workers demanded I call when I get home to make sure I wasn't dead on the side of the highway. :-) About five minutes into getting home, I almost pulled over to go to Mom and Dad's and have Dad take me to the hospital. My chest started to hurt and my throat felt like I swallowed poison ivy or something.

I did make it home and...crashed. I woke up five hours later and I'm okay. My throat is SORE but I think just getting out of the office and being in the fresh air (I stayed outside in my front lawn a bit before just running upstairs and crashing) helped a lot.

Yes, overall, It was a bad reaction to just a bit of perfume/cologne. I haven't had that bad of one to a scent in a while. Not really much I can do about it.

On the upside, I did get my girl scout cookies today! ~C is for cookies! And Thin Mints are all mine!~