March 9th, 2009

Black horse

Random post

Ah, the fun of using public transportation. The bus ride wasn't quite as scary as I remember it. There were a lot more normal, or at least medicated, people on the bus this time. It came on time too, which was a shocker.

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Sunset on canoe


I get to go to San Diego ::fingers crossed:: in July. I'm going July 11-14 (probably a bit more than that, really) for a conference. I pointed to my computer and asked my boss (he was behind me right then) if I could go. He looked at the webpage and said "Yeah, sure. Just make sure it doesn't conflict with anything." Squee! It doesn't. It's a conference on mapping which I'm sure would bore the rest of the population here on LJ land but to me it's very interesting. I went to the conference a couple of years ago and really liked it. To go to it again, in San Diego? Very Squeeable.

I need to get papers signed off. ...Hhmmm...I should bring in rum balls...

In other news: I bought trim for the dress I was supposed to finish last week. It matches the trim I already have and should work well.

I also bought some more Cullen Crest stuff. I really can't help myself...

Dad found me the perfect truck. We are going to go see it tomorrow. It's blue. It has a towing package. It's got a sunroof. It's got 4 wheel drive. Is there anything better? Of course, Dad picking me up will be funny...I need to go send him directions now...