March 14th, 2009

Winter Rose

Prayers, Please

I'm over at my parent's house this weekend and I'm so thankful right now that I decided to stay here. Last night, after midnight, my Aunt Gaynelle called the house. Apparently, the emergency signal went off on my Uncle Dean's boat. His out on the water, somewhere off the coast of Florida, with their three year old son, Keen.
Dad tried to calm her and talked to the Coast Guard. At first, we thought that Keen might have hit up against it because the signal went out almost as soon as it had come on. (You know typical 3 year old "oh! What's this button do?" "Keen! Don't touch that!" stuff), however, the Coast Guard informed us later that another boat in the same vicinity also had their emergency signal go off really late last night.
Aunt Gaynelle is coming here (she was in New York) and, thankfully, her other son, Russell, is staying with her ex in Florida. (He was grounded and not allowed on the boat trip).
Please, pray/send good thoughts/light a candle/ect, for my Uncle and cousin are alright and that they will come home safely. Thanks.
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Thank you!

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Uncle Dean and Keen are good. They didn't even realize the little emergency beacon had gone off. :-) The rangers found them at the campsite this morning. So all is well.

In other good news: I have a truck. It's blue. I'm happy.
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