March 16th, 2009


Note to self

Remember, balance. Writing deeply dark depressing stuff is not good without chocolate nearby. It's just not.

Take the truck for inspection the second you wake up. Do not sit around in your PJ's for an hour giggling over email and reading. You can do that at work. Okay, well not the PJ's part....

Get a receipt for the old truck. Taxes.

And speaking of taxes, you need to get to the Co-Op office tomorrow and get a copy of your home property taxes so you can finish yours. Do that in the morning before work too.

Wear green. Lots of it. It's okay if you wear it with orange tomorrow. Clashing is fine like that on this one day....

Take the brown trim apart and add it to the hem of the pink dress. Make sure it doesn't unravel.

That's all. :-)