March 20th, 2009


I will sew tonight, darn it!

Okay, so I do have to go to the fabric store today after work which will help with this sewing thing a lot. I really need to finish up my stays, my dress, and start on my other dress before this month is over. I'm really determined about this. I also need to finish a chemise and a cape I started. Among many other projects....

So, today, so far, has been interesting. Since it's Friday, I decided on my "Twilight Couture" t-shirt (yeah, I bought it. I had to. It's got shineys and the Cullen crest and it's black and it's got pretty light blue print and...well, you get the idea), a new long flannel baby doll shirt, jeans, and my cherry print slip ons. As usual, I also have play-dough red in my hair. So what happens? I have to go to the big big bosses meeting. I got dragged out of my nice, safe cubicle... get an award. was interesting.

I'm hiding in my cubicle now and don't want to come out.