March 29th, 2009


because I at least thought about sewing today

No, really, I did. The sad thing is there really isn't much left to do. I'll probably go and finish up everything right after this post.

I went over to Mom & Dad's today. Mom has decided she needs a shiny silver Volvo s60 T5. Why? Because she loves Volvo's (she had a copper one when I was 3) and what's more fun than every teenage female on the planet looking at you while you drive past? :-) I think she is serious about this guys.

I went shopping. We went to DSW but, per usual, they had *nothing*. I'm sorry but anyone who wears heals that high is just asking for a knee replacement before they hit 50. I like my knees. I'd like to keep them, kthxbai. Now the red rose covered doc martens at Nordstroms? ....I'm totally considering those. Hey, they are flats!

I did get the cutest top and the most adorable dress ever. Both are perfect for summer and I really can't wait for summer. The top is a black cotton baby doll tank with black eyelet lace down the "skirt" part of the shirt. The dress is black with red roses and I didn't think it would look right on but it was gorgeous! I had to get it.

Since I've been updating my wardrobe, I really need to go through what I have and start to get rid of a lot of clothing. I think I might just put a lot up on ebay and have done with it. I have a ton of t-shirts I just do not wear that are taking up space. I realized a few shirts were ones I've had since the late 90's! I need to get rid of them, badly. I also want to sell my old fairy comforter that I got a few years ago from Hot Topic. It's pretty but I've updated that to the purple one now....