March 30th, 2009

fabric colors

I did sew!

...It just wasn't on any of the projects I'm supposed to be working on. I now have a pretty white baby doll sundress that comes about an 1" above the knee. I need to add the straps and I want to add pink ribbon to it. It has the stretchy stuff in the back and then embroidered cotton in the front. The skirt to it has an embroidered edge. It's my own design (had to chop up the embroidered cotton) and took maybe a half hour to make (once I add the ribbons). I'm going to make a black and red version tomorrow. It's really terribly cute.

Yeah...I'll get back to the costuming projects tomorrow too. I'm just tired of seeing pink and brown everywhere. I swear, the next serious project I work on better be blue! Oh wait...I do have that powder blue silk...hmm....