April 2nd, 2009

Serious? Dead. NCIS

What I accomplished today

Finished another chapter of the dark twisted fan fic I've been working on. I like it but I guess not to many people are interested in the pre-Twilight stuff.

I did work on my apron a bit. I need to finish that up and find my camera so I can take pretty pictures.

I terrified one of the higher ups at work. Not that that is exactly hard to do apparently when you have pictures of Irish cemeteries in your cubicle. (It's a picture of a snow day in Ireland and shows three Irish Cross headstones all lined up with snow on top. Even though the picture is in color, it looks black and white because of the snow and the stone. It's really an awesome picture from a light/darkness/shadow effect stand point and then again I wanted a picture of snow in Ireland up. So there.) Don't worry, after he spoke with the rest of the unit, I look down right normal. ;-)

I've decided that Saturday is the start of Spring Cleaning month. I think by the end of the month I might have another yard sale. This will mean fabric and lots of it.

I've organized what I want to make before Costume Con. Really, it's only two costumes, one of which is half way done and the other of which is really simple. The simple one...I'm dying to see how many people get it once it's done. I might cheat a bit and get the dark blue v-neck blouse over at H&M rather than making one from a sweater knit..... It depends on how much I get done.

Ginsie was bad today. She's a horrible little war dog. Getting into fights with dogs four times her size is not amusing. (yes, she's fine. But she's totally grounded!)