April 5th, 2009

Black horse

Writer's Block: In a Jam

If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator—from tv, movies, or books—would you want to help you?

Oh, it depends. Maybe Mulder and Scully because, knowing me, it would be something just crazy enough that it would warrant their attention.

Mulder: And what is the lesson of the day?
Me: Don't go around mumbling medieval Latin prose at midnight while trying to see how cool it is to set off chlorine bombs at an animal research facility?
Scully: Too bad there isn't any such thing as Holy Hand Grenades....

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fabric colors


I finished the channels on my 18th c stays! Woohoo! It's not as pretty as I wanted them to be because I gave up and just machine sewed them rather than hand sewing them but it looks fine. I should have a good pair of stays by the end of the week. They are still red and green silk which means I have to make sure I don't wear anything the slightest bit transparent over them. I could just run around in my stays in petticoat but I really hope to finish the dress by the end of the month too.

The bodice to the 1580's dress still needs work. I sewed up a couple of the seams wrong it turned out and so I have to take those out and then resew it. Boo.

I found my camera!

I got a pink toaster! (Not the BSG kind, like a real toaster for bagels and stuff.)

I caved and got the Twilight Director's notebook. It actually has some good info on the costuming that will be helpful later.

I think I figured out a pattern for the 17th c gown finally. I want to wear it for the Labyrinth ball in July. Yeah, I think I'm going to go to that just to take pictures and wear a pretty dress.

Note to self: Go get 3 1/2 yards of khaki twill tomorrow after work.