April 7th, 2009


Evidence I've been sewing

My new sun dress. Yes, ignore that I should have been working on a couple of other projects. I now have a pretty new sundress.

Wedding basket and pillow. I was asked to make a ring bearer's pillow and a flower girl basket out of fuchsia and gold. The lady gave me the fabric she wanted and said to add gold buttons. She wanted something similar to this for the basket and this for the pillow. The satin makes it look far worse than it really is. The pillow actually came out well and the basket looks decent (I won't comment on color choice. I won't comment on color choice...).

In other news, I so shouldn't be allowed to go shopping. Ever. I bought the mall this time. I really did. Do you know they have new Cullen Crest stuff at Hot Topic? And that they are selling Cullen Crest stuff at FYE? ....I now have the twilight umbrella because umm...it rained while I was in the mall and you know....okay so I can't really justify it. The "lapel" pins I can because they will make awesome brooches for my Tudor gown...

And speaking of Tudor gowns, has everyone seen the new Simplicity patterns? Gorgeous! They actually got it RIGHT this time. I need the corset/farthingale one and I'm getting the Tudor gown one just to see how it fits.

Country Songs in the making

Woman with beer can in hand starts brawl at wake. Now, if it was whiskey, it would be an Irish song. See the difference?

Va. boy drove 1,300 miles to Texas rodeo grounds. A part of me thinks this already is a country song...

Pick-up? Check.
Boy? Check.
Rodeo? Check.
Propane? Check.
Dog? Check. Yeap, country song material right there.

Iowa man
claims he was robbed twice in 30 minutes
. Now this is not a country song, but a pretty good blues song.

Depending on the way it was written, this could either be a blues or country song