April 10th, 2009


Easter and Sewing

We made it down to OBX last night. I worked on my stays a bit (you can tell they are supposed to be stays now!) and went to bed. Today, the entire day was spent trying to cut out and sew my Easter dress and shurg together. It came out really nice and I think Mom might "borrow" the shrug. She loves it. I'll post pictures after Sunday since I really want one of me wearing it and playing with my nephew. :-)

So, tonight, I'm going to continue working on my stays and get those done by tomorrow night (hopefully) and maybe get started on my dress. Once the stays are done, the dress should be easy. I just need to know my corseted measurements before I do anything more.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter if I don't get to post again until then! Hugs to all!
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