April 18th, 2009

fabric colors


The entire day today will be spent sewing and drinking champagne apparently. Considering the champagne and margaritas I had yesterday, this doesn't sound like a bad plan at all to me.

I'm taking my nearly finished stays, fabric, lots of fabric, and scissors over to a friend's house for our little sewing circle. I want at least cut out the dress once I know my measurements with the stays on.

I need to go and mow the front lawn before I leave though. Ugh. I hate mowing the lawn. I really should just hire someone to come and mow the slightly bigger than a postage stamp yard....
18th c

I haz stays!

They are almost done. I just need to finish the bias trim and then punch out the eyelets, sew those up, and it's done. They finally look like stays. I had to take an inch off either side of the front because they were just too big. Finally, I will have stays. I took pictures but Dad has my photo cord. So, tomorrow night, maybe?