April 23rd, 2009

postcard vintage


I think I need to make the first dress here but with a knee length skirt. The entire ensemble is just lovely. I'm thinking maybe a dark red with black trim? Oh well, it's a far into the future piece at this point....
fabric colors

Sewing progress!

I finished Lina's cape today and gave that to her. It's a patchwork cape out of fabric scraps in green and golds on the outside and then lined in pink flannel with butterflies. Since it was for Lina, I had to have butterflies on it somewhere. It was totally necessary. :-)

If anyone is curious, my own cape is lined in smiley moons and suns. I probably should do one lined in strawberries for the heck of it.... Oh! Strawberry Shortcake flannel lined? That would be so terrifying, I'd love it!

I am working on my 18th c dress and will take pictures on Saturday of it. Won't say much more than that on it right now.