April 26th, 2009


Random stuff

I am now the proud owner of the Twilight game. Why? Because Mom got it for me for my birthday. :-) Before y'all groan too much, she also got me Private Lives in Renaissance Venice which I've been drooling over. I also have the Twilight jewelry box, a cute little container that has Spikes (seahorses for those that don't live in Atlantia) on it (and Italian! squee!), and Tin Man, which is the Wizard of Oz modern movie that was on Sci-Fi.

The only thing I sewed today was a couple of button holes and my co-worker's jacket. She wanted a drawstring in the hood and some sort of clasp to keep the inner hood and outer hood together. So that's done.

I keep thinking up projects and then I realized I only have a week so I might get another one or two done and that's it. After this, it will be all Pennsic sewing. ...and then Renn Faire sewing.... and then 12th night!