April 27th, 2009

18th c

What to wear? CC27

Okay, so I have an outfit to finish but that shouldn't take long.

I'm bringing my:
  • 18th C stripy
  • Regency pink
  • Eleanor Pink gown
  • the outfit I have yet to finish
  • Ever After Just Breathe gown (?)
  • Star Trek Tudor gown
  • Black Tudor gown
  • Black Italian gown (early 16th c)
  • Black and red Italian gown (early 16th c)
  • Maybe a vintage dress or three?
  • Turkish outfit (16th c)

I'm sure there is more I should bring but I'm not entirely sure as to what. I think I might be able to pull out an Edwardian blouse by Sunday and wear that for anything steampunk with one of my skirts but I don't know.


I did a couple of mock ups, cut out my green skirt for tomorrow, and sewed it mostly up. I'm thinking more and more of attempting something else before CC27, particularly either 18th c or late Victorian. We'll see how early I get home tomorrow.

Today was well...Monday. I think everyone at work is totally freaked out and not a single one of us really knows why. I forgot to bring in the jacket this morning, the cake, and also managed to forget that, oh yeah, my drivers license expires tomorrow!!!! At least the last one I simply told my supervisor that I'm taking two hours off early and getting my license renewed.

Believe it or not, the picture on my license now looks like...well, me! It use to look like I had gotten run over by a steamroller after being a prize winning fighter. I have no idea why it looked that horrible, but it did. So now I have a DL picture that looks like me. The lady at the DMV was really sweet too and the wait wasn't too bad. It was only a half hour before I was waited on, did the eye test (I passed! So much for those stupid glasses I never wear anyway.), and got my new license that doesn't expire until 2014! Woohoo!

So, tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'm doing other than getting to work early so I can come home early and SEW. Tomorrow is sewing all day if I can help it. I want to get at least one outfit done tomorrow and maybe start another. I'm not sure though...