April 30th, 2009


Semi-Secret outfit done

I finished the one outfit I really wanted to make before tomorrow (Costume Con). It's nothing more than a long-ish khaki skirt and a dark blue semi v-neck flannel blouse. To those that are going "Huh?" the icon is a clue. :-) I have a Bella Swan outfit. I'm not sure about the blouse (I used a pattern for that and I'm slowly finding that I don't like patterns that aren't mine...) but the sleeves to it are perfect. The problem is the front part of it is a little bulky in the stomach area and looks like a maternity shirt on the dress dummy. (It doesn't look quite as bad on me but it's not exactly what I envisioned either...)

I'm thinking hose, black Mary Janes, and the Bella Swan saints bracelet exactly like the one she wore in the movie. I'm just going to pull my hair back into a ponytail (remember going to meet the Cullens in the book? Yeah, that look.) So, for the whole "Vampires, Vixens, Villians" theme I'm going as a non-Vampire for at least a few hours....

My camera died otherwise I'd post pictures.