May 4th, 2009

mid victorian

And while I'm at work...

Ack! Real world. Ugh. It feels weird not to be laced up and wear normal shoes...and not be in a dress.

I'm sorry I had to leave right after the awards but I couldn't take another day off if I want to go to Pennsic. :-) I really hope everyone had a great time at Costume Con. I know I had a lot of fun and loved seeing and meeting everyone. It was just fun to sit around and be surrounded by pretty dresses and outfits (while talking and drinking hot tea!).

So, while I'm at work and can't upload my pictures yet, I've been coming up with ideas for next year. More 18th c, bustle gowns, and....Empress Sissy. I need to do at least one Empress Sissy gown(Empress Elizabeth of Austria). Yes, I know. It gets worse. Not only does she have the same name and nickname as me, she also had the same dog as me.

Empress Sissy's dog and My Miss Ginsie

Empress Sissy herself and well... Me. (I think the hair color and expressions are similar if anyone is trying to figure it out...)

So, it comes down to the question of which one of her dresses to try before next year....

I'm thinking this one right now. It's a good thing I have a year to plan....:-)

I think this is a drawing of the same dress. The jewelry across the front is different and the photo shows bows on the sleeves but everything else is the same. The jewelry and the bows could be interchanged or artistic interpretation....