May 5th, 2009

Purple Waterhouse

The post for all my friends at work and family

Me trying really hard not to laugh

The dress is based off of this one. The portrait is of Eleanora di Toledo. The camica is a linen/cotton blend that the judges loved at the Masquerade. (They thought the weight of it was perfect.) I'm wearing a corset/stays with a hook and eye front rather than a lacing front. The stays are out of canvas, homespun cotton, and cable ties. The homespun cotton looks like linen and was cheap which is why I used it.

The dress is changeable silk. The couching (all the gold "embroidery", that's couching. It's where you take way too much cording and stitch it down into the pattern you want it to stay. I think I used 35 ~40 yards of it for the bodice....) is all done by hand.

The partlet (that silver thing around my neck with the blue on gold ribbons and pearls) is out of silk organza (the same stuff I used for my very first Renaissance dress, actually), gold ribbons that I sewed blue ribbons on top of, and pearls.

A few more pictures of me actually wearing the dress:

A picture of me that koshka_the_cat took back in the green room. There, I was in full blown giggle mode.
A side back picture of me probably trying to run off stage and find more cake by chargirlgenius.

If anyone has any other pictures, please post 'em so I can point to them for everyone at work and my family. Thanks!!!!! Also, if you have a public photo album with all the pictures of the con, please post that too. I want to put together a list to show off all the gorgeous outfits I saw at the con.