May 6th, 2009

silly french

Random silly update

I changed the subtitles of both my friend's page and the blog page. They are both in Latin now. I'm pretty sure I got the endings right but not 100%. (Words, easy. Endings...not so much.) The main blog entry page is now subtitled Non preliator sermo which is a tribute to my household. The friend's page is now Amicae tabellaem which -I think- should read Friends' "page" in Latin. If anyone knows endings and sees that it's wrong, please help.

On a slightly related note, Tea parties at Pennsic are now mandatory. Honest.

For sewing stuffs: I got the brown silk taffeta the other day. It's a bit darker than I wanted (think dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate) but I'm not going to scoff at $5 a yard. :-) So I should be able to start to make the Anne of a Thousand Days dress pretty soon.

Right now, I've decided to suck it up and make 18th c stays. At least I bought pretty (non-period) fabric for them. It's a black and white damask print cotton for one side and yellow duck cloth on the other. I'll have a white canvas interlayer as soon as I cut it all out....

I probably should make the gray linen under dress for my pink Italian too pretty soon...
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18th c

Selling post

Given that my last pair of stays were too big and I need to make a new pair, I figured I'd sell the old pair. They are silk -red on one side, green on the other- with green silk edging. I used cable ties rather than reed or steal boning. I've been using cable ties in all my garment for at least the past two or three years and it does work.

Pictures are here and here. The last picture shows the bias tape before it was sewn down. There is a big mixture of both hand sewing and machine sewing. The stays are NOT perfect but they will work perfectly. I'm thinking $60 OBO. They are a 38" bust with a 30" waist. I'll put them upon Etsy in a couple of days if no one here wants 'em.