May 7th, 2009

red cape thinking

Need to do list

When I get home (work is uhhh....interesting? yeah. That works.), I need to pack for this weekend, do the dishes, cut out at least a couple of different sewing projects, bring them with me for the this weekend, and probably at least 50 other things.

Next weekend is Claude Moore Farm's Market days. I've been a couple of times now and really love it. It's all 18th c. Mount Vernon is also having their sunset tour. May 16th and 17th is also the Maryland Fairy Festival which is always a lot of fun. So, there is PLENTY to do that weekend if anyone wants to play dress up and go shopping.

Also, I'm looking at these 18th c woman's shoes. Any yeas or nays on those? Basically, I'm looking at them because of the price but if anyone knows they are total junk or of a better pair that are under $75, I'd love to take a look.