May 8th, 2009


Embroidery and Cars

So, I'm supposed to be on the road -right now- heading down to North Carolina to pick up by (baby) brother from college. That has yet to happen. You see, a few weeks ago now, Dad spilt gasoline all over the back of the Mom's Suburban. As one can imagine, she is NOT happy. We have yet to get the gas smell out so we're taking my truck.
Figuring it was going to be a long trip, I thought I'd get the oil changed and the car checked out which should have been easy. Nope. The battery is troubling (which I kinda figured because the truck has acted up a couple of times. I would just replace the stupid thing myself but the cable to the battery is also "troubling" and that I can't do). The brakes needed to be flushed (knew that) and the tires rotated (not surprised). So what was a simple oil change is now going to be $500 of car repair. Gag. We are waiting for my truck to get up to working speed and then go. This means no more fabric shopping for the next two months. Grr.
So, I decided to bring along a nice, long, embroidery project instead. (Mom wants to drive) I have all the materials - blue silk thread, real silver bullion thread, and more sewing needles than one person should own- with me, plus fabric of course. Given the drive, I just might have pictures in a few days...