May 12th, 2009



Some updates:

Anne of Thousand Days Brown Dress: I have all the fabric for it now. The brocade is some sort of 1960's/1970's poly/acetate but given that the movie is from that era, I'm pretty sure I'll be okay. It's only for the false sleeves and the trim around the neckline. The rest of the dress will be in silk or cotton.

Super Secret Project: It's cut out. I'm starting the embroidery pattern on it. Can't say more than that right now. :-)

Whitework & cutwork coif: A few months ago, I got a piece of fabric that already had cutwork/whitework on it that was just big enough for a "something". It's the exact length for a coif so...that's what it is now. I'm finishing the edges and should have that done either today or tomorrow.

Pink Caraco: On the backburner for right now given Pennsic is coming up.

There are a lot of projects that I have planned but these are at least the ones I've been actively working on. I want to get a couple of dresses and a new Turkish outfit done by Pennsic plus the list above. I've, unfortunately, lost too much weight for my old Turkish outfit to really fit right. I'm considering selling the old coat.... I did put up my 18th c stays on Etsy if anyone is still interested in those.

Cute little nonsense story

My Mom told me this and I thought a few of you might get a kick out of it.

Annabelle, my Mom & Dad's 3 1/2 year old neighbor, came up to their backdoor the other day. This wasn't anything new since Annabelle comes to play between their yard and her own everyday. My Mom opened the backdoor and greeted her to find a very frustrated Annabelle. "Where's the little girl?" she asked.

My Mom was caught off guard and didn't understand. I'm the only "girl" that is over at the house other than my brothers' girlfriends. "What little girl?" my Mom asked her.

Annabelle sighed, all frustrated. "The little girl! The little girl with bows in her hair!" Annabelle informed my Mom. Now Mom was really confused because well, there certainly weren't any little girls with bows in their hair over at the house.

"The little girl with bows?" Mom asked for clarification from the three year old.

"Yes! You know, the little girl with bows in her hair!" Annabelle stated again. This time she added another descriptor. "The dog!"

Yeap, Annabelle was looking to play with Miss Ginsie. Now known as the "little girl with bows in her hair". :-)