May 16th, 2009

18th c

Market Fair?

I'm going to Claude Moore Farm today for the Market Fair. It looks like their website got hacked (don't try to go to it. Someone placed some malware on the site which is a pain and a half to get off the computer) so no coupons but I think it's only $3 to get into begin with.

As is tradition, it is a cloudy, rather miserable day for Market Fair. Tomorrow, completing the tradition, it will be COLD. I have yet to go when it's sunny, warm, and clear. I don't think it's possible.

The search for masking tape

I finally got the embroidery pattern I want for my super secret project down on paper perfectly. I love it. It looks lovely. Now, to transfer. Oh za fun....

Since fabric is normally not known for it's ability to stay still when you are drawing on it, (The fabric I'm using is somewhat transparent so it's pretty easy to see the design through...if you can get the fabric to stay FLAT) I decided that masking tape would be a quick and easy option. I'd tape the fabric to the nice hard stone kitchen counter at my parents' house (they have far better lighting and much more space to do crazy stuff like this). The masking tape would, hopefully, hold the fabric down long enough to trace the pattern. I could pull the tape off, move the pattern, and trace it again many many times. The problem is that I have no masking tape.

I'm over at Mom & Dad's and Mom doesn't seem to have masking tape. We went to Giant and there is no masking tape. I'm going to try CVS or Rite-Aid but I'm beginning to think that some of the sock elves might be behind the mass masking tape disappearances...