May 25th, 2009

Anne of a Thousand Days

Sapphire Joust

Above is the link to all the photos I took at Sapphire Joust. I was surprised by how many people left rather early on Sunday. I went walking around about 4 or 5 pm and over half the people were gone. Was it just because of the rain?

I wore my new Elizabethan-esque jacket on Saturday. Pictures of it are up on flicr. It was some pre-embroidered linen that isn't really right for the time period but it works okay. The cut is based off a couple of different jackets. I know the skirt does NOT go at all but I wanted a shiny skirt, darn it! And I hadn't finished my red one yet so.... :-)

All and all, the event was fun. I loved seeing everyone and sitting around camp is a ton of fun with everyone we had up there.
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