June 2nd, 2009



I promise I'll post pictures by tomorrow, hopefully. I'm working on a couple of projects (or four). The pink dress from H-E-double hockey sticks is finally getting completed. I almost started on an Elizabeth loose gown but I'm not really sure if that's what the fabric wants to be. (It's cotton on one side, velveteen w/paisley print on the other. Yeah, paisley isn't really period but the fabric is so pretty...)

I need to make at least a couple of early 16th c Italian dresses. Nothing special; just something to wear around Pennsic. I also need to fix up a few gazillion more gowns to make sure they fit correctly. Fun.

I'm working on fixing the Viking dress right now. I need a new undertunic (in white!) and the apron dress is being resewn. I'm also working on finishing up my red silk dress. I need more red silk for my next project. ...so a stop by my local fabric store is in order tonight. Coupons are in the car. :-)